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A cave has been unearthed in Dholakpur and Bheem and player have been called into king Indraverma’s court. Bheem and player have to explore the caves, they will be among the first who have gone in. Only one person has entered the cave before them, his name is Kalia, a good friend of Bheem who entered the cave and has since not returned. It is now upon Bheem, the bravest of the brave in Dholakpur and player to go inside the caves and find Kalia.


  • Chhota Bheem with the player has to choose to enter two different caves, that either lead to the path of laughter or the sound of water.
  • Player must find light to guide the way to Chhota Bheem, by being the torch bearer.
  • Assist Chhota Bheem in building a raft that could sail in the cave of water
  • Get scolded or blessed by a meditating Baba, for the journey ahead.
  • Fight a crocodile trying to snap you from behind or outwit the chase.
  • Face off an old foe who has reached there on a pirate ship.
  • Discover the interesting legend of the Giants
  • Explore the garden maze and find your way out
  • Avoid eating magical fruits that either make Chhota Bheem go on a laughing spree or erase his memory
  • Face an enormous ape and find out why it was chasing you
  • Make friends with a fairy and keep calling her when you are stuck
  • Solve mystical puzzles and cross broken bridges
  • Enter the Tree of Wonder
  • Bring back either treasure or Kalia to the kingdom
  • Gulp and Relish on Chhota Bheem’s favourite laddoo