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Dhooni Baba gets a premonition that Karaak is going come out of Pashaan Lok. He tells Bheem and friends Karaak’s story. Karaak wanted to be powerful so he found the cursed Kingdom of Pashaan Lok and harnessed the Bhasm Agni. Karaak started cursing the animals in Dholakpur but was trapped back in Pashaan Lok. Soon after telling the story, Dhooni Baba disappears. Bheem is convinced Dholakpur is in danger. Unknown to Bheem and friends, Tabora is helping Karaak to free Mayandri who is stuck in Pashaan Lok. Tabora has to bring the Chakraveer powers to Karaak. Tabora goes to Dholakpur and tricks Bheem and friends into becoming Chakraveers and successfully steals their powers. Bheem realizes Tabora is helping Karaak. He tries to put the Bhasm Agni curse on Bheem but Kaalia saves Bheem and gets cursed instead. Bheem and friends manage to escape but they need to find a way to help Kaalia and get their powers back. Just as they are losing hope, they find a riddle from Dhooni Baba and rejoice that Dhooni Baba is alive. Bheem and friends must decipher the riddle correctly to find Dhooni Baba for help in stopping Tabora and Karaak.

After Tabora is successful in taking their Chakraveer powers, Bheem and friends are lost as Kaalia deals with his stone curse. They try to solve the riddle left by Dhooni Baba and find him in the hopes he can heal Kaalia and guide them. Meanwhile, Karaak uses the Chakraveer powers to make a powerful astra that can break the gates of Sanohi Jahan and release Karaak from Pashaan Lok. Karaak manipulates Tabora into going to Sanohi Jahan and destroying the gates by lying that Bheem is headed there. Meanwhile, Bheem and friends reach Sanohi Jahan and find Dhooni Baba who heals Kaalia. They defend the gates with all their might against Tabora but Tabora manages to break the gates. Sanohi Jahan crumbles and Karaak is released from Pashaan Lok. Karaak unleashes his Pators and stone curse on Dholakpur and the whole world. Dhooni Baba manages to save the kids and tells them the astra holds their chakraveers powers. Bheem and friends set out to find Tabora and the astra to get their powers back and save the people from the stone curse before it’s too late.

Bheem and friends are searching for the Ugra Astra to get their Chakraveer powers back from it. On the way, they help the villagers of Dholakpur who are suffering due to Karaak’s bhasm agni curse. Meanwhile, Tabora wants Mayandri freed but Karaak betrays him as he wants to use Mayandri in a ritual to get to Shaitaan world. Tabora shocked at this makes his heart stone cold and decides to get the bhasm agni himself and become powerful. He pretends to befriend Bheem and friends on the guise of helping them find Karaak and the Ugra Astra and just wanting to free Mayandri in return. But once Karaak is defeated, Tabora takes the bhasm agni power and unleashes his fire army on Bheem and friends to get their chakraveer powers too. Bheem and friends fight back and defeat Tabora. But Mayandri manages to escape with Tabora. Bheem and friends successfully break the bhasm agni curse and restore the people of the whole world and Sanohi Jahan.

New Big Picture Chhota Bheem Aur Tabora ka Maha-Muqaabla