New Big Picture Chhota Bheem Aur Gadadhari Bheem Part 1

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Chhota Bheem Aur Gadadhari Bheem
Chhota Bheem Aur Gadadhari Bheem
Chhota Bheem Aur Gadadhari Bheem
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Bheem and friends have come to Himalaya on a trip and meet Rishi Ved vyas. They request him to narrate the stories of Bheem from Mahabharat when they learn that the Rishi himself has written it. The kids visualize the stories on a virtual screen as Vedvyas narrates them. They see how Bheem and other Pandavas grow up in ashram in a forest with Kunti and King Pandu. Bheem is brave but short tempered and heavy eater. He saves his Mother from a lion, when he is a toddler and then saves the cubs of the same lion from King Durjan when he is 10 years old. After death of Pandu, Bheem and other pandavas grow up with Kauravas. Duryodhan hates them, especially Bheem as he is better than Duryodhan in all fields. He conspires with Shakuni and throws Bheem into river Ganga in an attempt to kill him, but Bheem reaches Naglok where he fights all snakes, but Aryak, the minister to the king of Naglok recognises Bheem, as Aryak is the great grandfather of Kunti. Bheem gets the power of thousand elephants by consuming the nectar of Ashta Kund before coming back home.

Rishi Ved continues to narrate the stories of Mahabharat to the kids of Dholakpur that has reached the phase where King Dhritrashtra announces Yudhishtir the King of Hasitinapur, thus making Duryodhan mad who again conspires with his uncle, mama Shakuni to kill the Pandavas. As per the plan, they invite Yudhisthir to stay in a laksha gah in Vanravat till preparations of coronation are complete. The Laksha Grah, built by the best architect Purochan with an intention to burn it down when the Pandavas are inside as the lac used to build the house is highly flammable. However, Vidhur suspects a foul play and indirectly hints Yudhishter who gets a secret tunnel made in case of any emergency and the Pandavas escape through the tunnel when fire breaks out. After leaving the place, the Pandavas take shelter in the house of a Brahmin in Ek Chakrapur where they find out that Demon Bakaasur has become a menace for the people of the area. Bheem takes the responsibility and finishes the man eater giving a big relief to their host and the people of Ek Chakrapur.

The narration of the stories of Mahabharat continues where Chhota Bheem and friends visualize many more thrilling stories of the mighty Bheem of Mahabharat, including the story of demon Hidamba who orders his sister, Hidimbi, to bring humans for him to eat as he is very hungry. Hidimbi goes in jungle and sees Bheem breaking huge dry trees to collect dry woods, she gets so impressed with Bheem’s might that now she wants to marry Bheem and when she tells this to her brother, Hidamba, he gets furious and decides to kill Bheem, but the mighty prince kills Hidamba instead in a fight and then marries Hidimbi afterwards. Narration continues as the kids visualize Yudhishtir wants to do Rajsuya Yagya and for that he must defeat jarasandh. Krishna, Arjun and Bheem go in guise of Brahmins to challenge jarasandh for a fight. Jarasandh fights Bheem but it is nearly impossible to kill Jarasandh as whenever Bheem tore his body into two, it joins back again, finally Krishna tells to throw bodies in opposite directions and Bheem complies finally killing Jarasandha.

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