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A demoness visits the spot where Kirmada's body got bursted into ashes. Using powerful magic she recaptures Kirmada's essence from the dust and recalls his soul. But Kirmada is unable to regain his form as Krishna's power prevents his complete resurrection.

The angered demoness, Kirmada's sister Maayandri vows to restore her brother's life even if it means capturing Krishna. She sets about to craft a plot to capture him. She sends her pet, a magpie to spy on Krishna. Maayandri uses a magically created clone of Chutki to fool Krishna. Krishna is trapped.

Bheem with his friends hasten towards the city. Maayandri's spying magpie alerts her about Bheem. She immediately decides to capture Bheem. Bheem is trapped despite his valiant efforts. But then Maayandri commits a grievous mistake. She imprisons Bheem just beside Krishna. Krishna is happy to see Bheem and soon they have a plan ready.

Meanwhile Maayandri combines the power from Krishna with her magic and helps Kirmada reform. Bheem and Krishna manage to break out and find that they have to contend with not one but two powerful demons. Will the two heroes manage to rescue their friends and defeat the demons? Experience a thrilling adventure with all the action involved.