New Big Picture 'Chhota Bheem - Kirmada Ka Keher'

Pataliputra - City Of The Dead




Maha shaitaan on his mission to get the chakras, sends "Tabora", the son of his most faithful disciple Kirmada to extract the power of agni inorder to revive “kirmada” which spreads darkness all over Dholakpur. While Tabora befriends Bheem & team to find the location of agni chakra,which is believed to be hidden under the land of Dholakpur, a cute little calf enters Dholakpur & everything lits up.

A disturbed Tabora tries to kill Bheem along with his friends but they are magically saved by Gopal, everytime. Finally,with the help of Mayandi, Tabora succeeds in taking Bheem to shaitaanpur where he is attacked by Mayandri but once again, bheem is saved by Gopal but his energy is transferred to Kirmada, reviving him majorly.